Space Available 

Tru Circle is split into 4 main usable spaces, in addition, there are two supporting rooms, and two bathrooms available, one with a shower facility. 

We believe the finished design keeps all the utility required for multiple events to function while making space for individuals to make it their own.


Atared • Mercury - Main Hall | Zuhara • Venus - Secondary Hall | Shams • Sun -Entrance | Zuhal • Saturn - Studio

Bahar • Neptune - Meditation / Baby Safe Space | Mushtari • Jupiter - Kitchen | Marrikh • Mars - Storage

Atared • Mercury - Main Hall

Atared is our Main Hall, this multifunctional space can be converted into a private room with the roll of a blind. Perfect for fitness classes, pop-up store, workshops, and private hire.

Zuhara • Venus - Secondary Hall

Zuhara is our secondary hall opposite Atared, this room is suitable for more intimate workshops or private classes, roll down the blinds for more privacy or keep them rolled up for more space.

Shams • Sun -Entrance

Shams is our connector common space, and is in the middle of the main rooms, this space is perfect to greet your clients, and spill over from Atared and Zuhara spaces.

Zuhal • Saturn - Studio

Watch yourself in motion in our Zuhal Studio, this space is great for fitness classes and workshops. Host a cosy yoga class or intimated meditation circle. Roll down the blinds for more privacy.

Bahar • Neptune - Meditation / Baby Safe Space

Our Bahar space is a quite room that can be used to host private mediations and discussion circles, it is also baby proofed and can be used as a kids corner for mothers and fathers attending a workshop or class. Adult supervision is required if there isn't a hired babysitter present.

Mushtari • Jupiter - Kitchen

Mushtari is our spacious kitchen that is great for cooking demonstrations, and workshops. Kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, and oven.

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